Over the weekend, we caught up on missed sleep and we were really happy about the successful Open Source Data Center Conference last week in Berlin.

The OSDC 2017 began with our workshop day on Tuesday with „Graylog-Centralized Log Management“, „Mesos Marathon – Orchestrating Docker Containers“ and „Terraform – Infrastructure as Code“.

On Wednesday and Thursday attendees could join 23 interesting talks on case studies, the latest developments and best practices. CONTAINERS AND MICROSERVICES | CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT | TESTING, METICS AND ANALYSIS and TOOLS&INFRASTRUCTURE were forming the core of the conference! Details about the talks, you can get in Michi’s and Dirk’s Blogposts.

On Wednesday evening, we went to the Umspannwerk Ost. There was much sun, and so we could all sit outside and discuss the exciting days. Furthermore, it was enough time for networking, establishing contacts and becoming more familiar with the open source community!

After the conference was gone on Thursday, we were happy to meet you all in Berlin and also a little bit sad, because three exciting conference days came to an end.

At this point, it is time to say a cordial THANK YOU!

Thanks to our speakers who made us laugh and who gave us so much knowledge!
Thanks to our sponsors for the wonderful support and your confidence!
Thanks to our attendees for making the OSDC unique!

We’ll hope to see you all next year! The date for 2018 is already fixed.

The pictures, slides and videos of the OSDC will be available soon!

OSDC 2018 | June 14 – 16, 2018 | Berlin

Julia Hackbarth

Autor: Julia Hackbarth

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