On Monday evening, there was a group of some very excited NETWAYS guys, who arrived in Berlin to prepare the OSDC. After the rooms were ready for the workshops on Tuesday, the pizza for our busy bees was definetely rewarded. Then it was still very late and so they all fell into a deep deep sleep before the bewitched bell was ringing again. Then at 10 o’ clock, our Workshops started. There were „Graylog – Centralized Log Management“ by Jan Doberstein and Bernd Ahlers, „Terraform – Infrastructure as Code“ by Seth Vargo and „Mesos Marathon – Orchestrating DOcker Containers“ by Gabriel Hartmann. The attendees learned a lot and we hope theres a little space left for the talks on Wednesday are Thursday! Then the NETWAYS – Crew started with the last preparations for Wednesday and then the first conference day was already gone! After a joyful night with our beloved Tele-Inder (classic Berlin Späti), the conference started with Bernd’s Opening and talks. What the talks are about, you can read in Dirks Blogpost! But we’ll only say this much: It was equally interesting new things and fun! ? The pictures will follow!


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Julia Hackbarth

Autor: Julia Hackbarth

Julia hat 2017 ihre Ausbildung zum Office Manager bei NETWAYS absolviert und währenddessen das Events&Marketing Team kennen und lieben gelernt. Besondere Freude bereiten ihr bei NETWAYS die tolle Teamarbeit und vielseitige Herausforderungen. Privat nutzt Julia ihre freie Zeit, um so oft wie möglich über's Handballfeld zu flitzen und sich auszutoben. In ihrer neuen Rolle als Marketing Managerin freut sie sich auf spannende Aufgaben und hofft, dass ihr die Ideen für kreative Texte nicht so schnell ausgehen.