NSClient++ plus speed

nsclientNSClient++ seems to be whizzing away with Project Maintainer Michael Medin working on a 0.4 branch towards as beta. Perhaps due to his ever active development, or because NSClient++ has become the standard Windows monitoring daemon for Nagios and other monitoring systems such as OpenMNS and Icinga… for some reason there has been over 60 GB traffic loading its web server monthly.

As you may already be aware, NETWAYS has been hosting the NSClient++ website since mid last year. Just yesterday, our Managed Services team had to carry out some performance tuning on the good old NSClient++ web server which was in need of extra speed. Hopefully now, we will be able to keep up with NSClient++ and its ever growing downloads and popularity. Kudos to Michael Medin for keeping us on our toes!

Amanda Mailer

Autor: Amanda Mailer

Amanda unterstützt das NETWAYS Team im Bereich Marketing und da vor allem bei allen englischen Aktivitäten. Als Australierin mit einem deutschen Mann verheiratet, fällt ihr das auch besonders leicht. Neben NETWAYS arbeitet sie auch im Icinga Team mit.


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